White House Dodges Questions on Biden’s Debate Performance and Cognitive Abilities

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has found herself in a bit of a pickle as she faces tough questions about President Biden’s recent debate performance. Concerns about Biden’s mental acuity were raised by a reporter, to which Jean-Pierre flat-out denied any suggestion of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Instead of addressing the issue head-on, she deflected to former President Trump, which didn’t exactly satisfy the curiosity surrounding Biden’s cognitive state.

Jean-Pierre’s attempt to explain Biden’s near snooze at the debate by blaming international travel didn’t quite add up, considering he had been back for nearly two weeks. Questions about Biden’s nap habits were also dodged by Jean-Pierre, further fueling speculation about the President’s alertness and work ethic. 


The White House Correspondents Association pressed Jean-Pierre on allowing Biden to speak directly to reporters, but the request was swept aside. Newsmax reporter James Rosen’s quip about Biden being awake for such an event was labeled as “inappropriate” by another journalist, showcasing the reluctance of the media to delve into Biden’s potential cognitive shortcomings.

Despite the pushback, reporters like Rosen continue to hold the administration accountable, even if it means facing backlash. The media’s reluctance to address Biden’s cognitive abilities only adds to the frustration of those seeking transparency and honesty from the highest office in the land. It’s clear that there’s a significant issue when defending the President takes precedence over asking the tough questions that the American people deserve answers to.

Written by Staff Reports

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