Democrats in Disarray as Biden Mulls Dropping Out, Harris Waits in Wings

Well, well, well. It looks like the Democrats are scrambling to figure out how much longer they can prop up President Biden before the wheels come off the bus. Hawaii’s Governor Josh Green, fresh from a pow-wow with Biden and other left-leaning governors, spilled the beans that Biden might decide within days whether to stay in the race or finally hand over the reins.

If Uncle Joe decides it’s time for a long overdue exit, Governor Green seems pretty convinced that Biden will anoint Vice President Kamala Harris as his successor. Because nothing says confidence like preparing the understudy before the show even gets canceled. According to Green, Biden will stick around unless he feels the race is unwinnable or gets a nudge from his close-knit circle of professional hand-holders.

Biden has been adamant that he’s in it to win it, despite the whispers (okay, shouts) about his declining mental sharpness. Let’s face it, that debate meltdown didn’t do him any favors, and some Democrats are practically begging him to throw in the towel. But hey, he’s got support from other elected Democrats, right? Because nothing reassures the voters like a bunch of career politicians patting each other on the back.


Gov. Green, who used to be a physician (so he must know what he’s talking about, right?), says everyone has those senior moments where they’re not the sharpest tool in the shed. But come on, who are we kidding? Comparing Biden to anyone’s forgetful grandparent might not be the vote of confidence the Democrats are aiming for. Green insists on sticking by Biden, possibly out of loyalty or maybe just for the laughs.

Pressure is mounting as Congress gets back to business, and Biden’s supposedly making his decision under the loving gaze of his closest advisers. Green suggests that neither another governor nor anyone outside Biden’s tight inner circle should push him either way. Translation: don’t expect a unified Democratic strategy here, folks. It’s every man, woman, and geriatric politician for themselves.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Democratic drama without bringing Trump into the conversation. Green helpfully points out that Trump is only three years Biden’s junior and might have his own bad days. But Green’s more worried about temperament than age, accusing Trump of being reckless with those late-night tweets. Meanwhile, Biden’s gaffes and flubs apparently don’t merit the same level of concern.

If Biden steps down, Green believes Harris should take up the mantle. Because picking someone based on their intersectional checkboxes is the surest way to win hearts and minds, right? Harris, according to Green, boasts impressive credentials, including her time as California’s Attorney General. Impressive enough to distract from her lackluster presidential campaign, perhaps?

During their meeting, Biden apparently joked about his cognitive health, a comment that naturally leaked faster than seawater through a paper boat. According to Green, Biden’s ability to make self-deprecating jokes proves his cognitive function is perfectly intact. Because nothing screams mental acuity like making light of concerns about your mental acuity.

The meeting included a colorful mix of opinions and a sprinkle of dissent, but according to Green, it was a candid, unscripted coffee shop chat. Because when facing a potential electoral wipeout, there’s always time for a melodramatic gabfest.

As the Democrats continue to navigate this circus, conservatives can sit back and enjoy the show. It’s bound to be a spectacle worth watching.

Written by Staff Reports

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