Marco Rubio Defends Trump Against Media Bias on CNN’s State of the Union

recently made an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” to set the record straight on the biased narrative being pushed by host Dana Bash. Despite the Biden administration’s clear misuse of the Department of Justice for political gains, the left continues to paint Trump as the real danger to the country. What a joke.

Bash attempted to push the false narrative that Trump’s agenda would involve going after Biden and his family, but Rubio wasn’t about to let that slide. He pointed out that Trump’s focus has always been on restoring America and making it great again, not seeking petty revenge like the left would have us believe.

Bash tried to backpedal, claiming Trump had made such statements elsewhere, not during the debate Rubio referred to. Rubio stood firm, emphasizing that during Trump’s presidency, we didn’t see the vindictive targeting of political opponents like we’re witnessing under Biden’s administration.

Trump’s commitment to putting the country first was evident when he stated on Fox News that while he could pursue political foes legally, it would be detrimental to the nation. Despite being within his rights to seek retribution, Trump recognized the importance of unity for the sake of the country’s future.

Rubio’s dismantling of Bash’s flawed arguments highlights the importance of holding the media accountable for their biased narratives. It’s crucial to cut through the noise and focus on facts rather than the sensationalized stories pushed by those with a clear agenda. Rubio’s clarity and conviction in setting the record straight deserve recognition in a media landscape rife with misinformation and political bias.

Written by Staff Reports

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