Democrats Set Low Bar for Biden in Debate Against Trump

The article discusses the upcoming presidential debate between Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, with even Democrats admitting that if Biden can “remain upright” and “make sense,” it will be considered a “massive victory.” The author sarcastically questions if this is akin to a “tallest midget contest.”

The discussion occurred on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson commented on the expectations for Biden’s performance. The host suggested that Trump can appear focused for short periods but usually falls back into rambling monologues. Robinson joined in by poking fun at Trump’s supposed obsession with sharks and how mentioning certain words could trigger him into incoherent speech.

Robinson also acknowledged that Biden needs to “remain upright” and “make sense” during the debate, comparing it to his State of the Union address. The article emphasizes the low bar that has been set for Biden’s performance, with the expectation being so low that simply maintaining coherence would be considered a win for him.

The article's tone is critical of the left’s perceived bias and low standards for Biden, portraying the debate as a potential source of entertainment due to the contrasting expectations set for the candidates.

Written by Staff Reports

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