Surgeon General Declares Gun Violence Public Health Emergency in Latest Attack on Second Amendment

Late Tuesday, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy pulled a classic bait-and-switch by declaring “gun violence” a “public health emergency.” In a move that looks like a page ripped straight from the Biden administration’s plan to chip away at Second Amendment rights, Murthy’s declaration gives the federal government even more authority to infringe upon the Constitutional freedoms of law-abiding Americans.

With this declaration, Murthy now wants Americans to believe that gun ownership is akin to contracting a contagious disease. The Surgeon General’s Advisory on Firearm Violence aims to push an extravagant shopping list of gun control measures, including firearm carry bans, gun confiscation laws, so-called “assault weapons” bans, magazine capacity limits, storage requirements, and extensive gun registration checks. Essentially, the advisory reads like a dream manifesto for gun control advocates but a nightmare for defenders of the Second Amendment.

Of course, Capitol Hill lawmakers are unwilling to let this power grab go unchallenged. Representatives and Senators are rallying to strip power from what they see as Biden’s overreaching HHS and to cut funding for the unelected bureaucrats who think they can trample over Constitutional rights with impunity. The outrage is palpable, especially among staunch defenders of gun rights who see this as a direct attack on personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Recall that during his confirmation hearing, Murthy assured everyone his focus was not on gun control under the guise of public health. Surprise, surprise – those assurances turned out to be empty words. This turn of events makes it glaringly obvious that Murthy’s earlier statements were designed to deflect criticism and ease his confirmation process, hiding his true intentions all along.

Murthy’s controversial stint as Surgeon General during the Obama administration already had him teetering on the edge of rejection in the Senate due to his aggressive anti-Second Amendment stance. Now, with this declaration, he’s doubled down on his anti-gun agenda, proving once again that the left will exploit any crisis, real or fabricated, to push their radical policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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