Democrats Spent More Than Republican Senate Candidates In Major States

An onslaught of Democrat campaign cash buried many Republican Senate candidates in crucial contests.

In Arizona, incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly spent $7.50, while GOP challenger Blake Masters spent around $1.00.

According to statistics provided by OpenSecrets, Kelly spent $73,477,987 in his victorious reelection campaign, whereas Masters only spent $9,412,054, showing that Kelly outspent Masters by a ratio of over eight to one. Kelly raised a staggering $79.3 million in total, compared to Masters' $12 million.

A $9.6 million ad purchase that had been set aside for the Senate election in the Grand Canyon State was cancelled by the Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC allied with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Republican J.D. Vance of Ohio, another populist contender, lost to Tim Ryan of the Democratic Party in terms of funding. Despite winning the contest, Ryan raised $47.3 million while Vance only raised $12 million, according to OpenSecrets statistics.

The difference between Ryan's $44.5 million and Vance's $9 million means that the Republican challenger spent almost $1 for every $4.90 that the Democrat incumbent spent.

Republican Adam Laxalt in Nevada had incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto as a far better-funded rival. Cortez Masto raised $52.8 million and spent $46.6 million, according to OpenSecrets. Laxalt only raised $15.5 million and spent $12.3 million in his narrow loss to the Democrat. For every $3.80 Cortez Masto spent, Laxalt spent around $1.00.

Republican Ted Budd was outspent by his opponent, who raised more than twice as much money, yet still managed to win the race. Democrat Cheri Beasley raised $33.8 million and spent $30.8 million, according to OpenSecrets, while Budd only raised slightly more than $12.4 million and spent $12.3 million.Sen. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat running for re-election in Georgia's U.S. Senate race, had a much greater financial advantage than rival Herschel Walker, a Republican, in the run-up to the election. According to OpenSecrets, Warnock raised $98.6 million and spent $75.9 million, whereas Walker only raised $37.4 million and spent little over $32 million, less than half of what Warnock did.

Walker earned approximately three times as much money than Masters, Vance, or Ted Budd, but having substantially less money than his Democratic opponent.

Now that the Georgia runoff is approaching, Warnock has a sizable financial edge against Walker with more over $29 million on hand as opposed to $9.8 million. Since late October, Warnock has raised more than $52 million, whereas Walker has only raised around $21 million within the same period.

Lisa Murkowski, the establishment contender and sitting senator from Alaska, outspent Kelly Tshibaka, who received support from Donald Trump, two to one.

Mehmet Oz, a former Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania who was defeated by Democratic lieutenant governor John Fetterman, raised $40 million. While Fetterman raised more than $56 million, outspending him, he nevertheless acquired a far larger sum of money than Masters, Vance, or Budd.

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