Dems Count on Trump Run to Win 2024, But Is It a Dream or Nightmare?

In a recent report by Axios, the Democrats seem to be secretly cheering for Donald Trump to secure the Republican presidential nomination, confident that his return to the political scene will stir up their voter base. But is Team Biden (or should we say Team Biding Their Time?) really onto something, or are they just whistling past the graveyard?

The report suggests that Biden’s team is banking on Trump’s potential nomination to ignite the Democratic base and attract much-needed grassroots donors. According to their internal data, many undecided voters are still in the dark about Trump’s resurgence, and Team Biden sees this as an opportunity to rally their supporters against the former president.

However, before the Democrats pop the champagne, let’s consider a few inconvenient truths. Recent polls have shown that Republican primary voters are way more pumped up about Trump than Democrat primary voters are about sleepy ol’ Joe. In fact, a January USA Today/Suffolk University poll revealed that a whopping 44 percent of GOP primary voters were “very enthusiastic” about Trump, while a measly 18 percent of Democrat primary voters felt the same spark for Biden.

And let’s talk about the green stuff: Trump has been raking in donations like nobody’s business, outpacing Biden by a landslide from small donors. It seems the Trump train is showing no signs of running out of steam, while Biden’s cash flow is looking about as dry as a desert creek in August.

Poll after poll has shown Biden struggling to keep up with Trump in head-to-head matchups, painting a grim picture for the current POTUS’s chances of retaining his seat in the Oval Office. 

Remember when top Democrat strategists were practically praying for Trump to be the Republican nominee in 2016? Well, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for! Their dreams (or should we say nightmares?) came true, and guess who ended up clinching the victory? That’s right, it was none other than Donald J. Trump.


Written by Staff Reports

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