Dems Dance Around Biden as Unity Crumbles, 2024 Worries Mount

The wheels are falling off the Biden bus, faster than a high-speed train in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Congressional Democrats are doing a little square dance around President Biden’s plea for unity as he begs them to squash any talk of replacing him as the party’s presidential nominee. Makes one wonder if the left hand knows what the far-left hand is doing.

Fresh off their July 4 recess, Democrats in Congress seem like they’re having as much fun as a family reunion at a haunted house. Sure, Joe Biden got some pats on the back from a few loyal foot soldiers, but he’s losing ground to those calling for him to make like a tree and leave. In the halls of Congress, whispers about his ability to beat Donald Trump and serve another term echo like a bad Seinfeld rerun.

Senator Patty Murray, the Senate president pro tempore, opined that although she has a deep appreciation for Biden, he needs to step it up if he wants to stand a chance against Trump. Murray’s statement sounds like the kind of reluctant encouragement you’d give your kid at a Little League game where they’ve struck out every time. Just more proof that even Democrats don’t have faith in their main man.

Rep. Adam Smith from Washington went a step further, stating on CNN that Biden should step aside for the ever-charismatic Kamala Harris. Smith became the sixth House Democrat to publicly suggest Biden pass the torch. Smith’s straightforwardness is like a bucket of cold water on Biden’s soggy campaign hopes. When even your own team tells you to get out of the way, it’s safe to say the ship is sinking.

Meanwhile, the likes of Senators Schumer and Jeffries are standing by their man, more out of obligation than enthusiasm, it seems. But their endorsements haven’t silenced the growing chorus of Democrats hesitant to back Biden without more proof that he can win. With faith in Biden falling faster than a Democratic vote count in a red state, it’s no wonder the party is in disarray. 


Senators and representatives are lining up to say Biden needs to convince America, and more importantly, them, that he’s still got the chops to lead. From Jon Tester of Montana to Ron Wyden of Oregon, the list of hesitant Democrats is longer than a CVS receipt. If Biden’s debate performance was the Titanic, his suggestion to ‘stay unified’ is like rearranging deck chairs while the iceberg looms large.

So here we are, watching the party of unity fracture like a thin ice sheet over a deep blue ocean. Democrats are preparing for more in-person caucus meetings, but it’s clearer than ever that this is more of a therapy session for a party grappling with buyer’s remorse. As they scramble to figure out their next steps, conservatives can sit back and enjoy the show, popcorn in hand.

Written by Staff Reports

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