DeSantis Crushed by Trump’s Dominance: Unstoppable 2024 Frontrunner Revealed!

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is in for a world of trouble if he thinks he stands a chance against the unstoppable force that is former President Donald Trump. A recent survey conducted by c0-efficient polling and the New Hampshire Journal has brought nothing but bad news for DeSantis, as it reveals that he is polling in the single digits, alongside the forgettable former New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

To add insult to injury, DeSantis has seen his support drop by a staggering four percentage points since the last poll conducted in June. And to be tied to Christie, who’s White House aspirations have always been a joke, is truly a devastating blow for the Florida governor. It seems like the more people find out about DeSantis, the less they like him.

Meanwhile, Trump has been dominating the GOP playing field ever since he announced his campaign, and it doesn’t look like he’s about to slow down anytime soon. The survey found that Trump has a massive +34 net lead over his closest rivals, including DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence. It just goes to show that Trump’s popularity among conservatives remains unwavering, despite the political persecutions that have been thrown his way.

In fact, Trump’s popularity is so strong that even a poll released by Premise Data shows that President Joe Biden is barely keeping afloat in the 2024 race. Biden, who has been in office for over three years now, is clearly struggling to gain support, while Trump maintains a commanding lead over the 80-year-old.

The survey revealed that Trump holds a solid seven-point advantage over Biden, with 41 percent of support going to the former president compared to just 34 percent for Biden. And it’s no wonder why. Americans are waking up to the harsh reality of Democratic leadership under Biden’s presidency. Sixty percent of voters strongly disagree with his job performance, and a whopping 82 percent describe the current national economy as “fair” or “poor.” It’s clear that the economy and inflation are top concerns for many respondents.

And while DeSantis may be popular among some conservatives, he simply can’t hold a candle to Trump’s overwhelming support. In the same poll, Trump received a staggering 57 percent of support, compared to a mere 16 percent for DeSantis. It’s one of the largest leads in modern history for a presidential candidate in a crowded field. It’s clear that Trump’s charisma and conservative ideals resonate with the American people.

In conclusion, the future looks bleak for Governor Ron DeSantis as he struggles to gain momentum in the face of the powerhouse that is Donald Trump. It’s time for DeSantis to face the reality that he is no match for the former president’s unwavering popularity and appeal. As conservatives, it’s clear that Trump is the clear frontrunner for the 2024 race, and DeSantis should gracefully bow out before he embarrasses himself any further.

Written by Staff Reports

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