Catholic Persecution Skyrockets: FBI’s Stark Bias Unveiled in New Document!

A recent document obtained by the House Judiciary Committee has exposed the FBI’s excessive surveillance efforts against traditional Catholics, classifying them as potential domestic terrorists. This revelation contradicts FBI Director Christopher Wray’s previous testimony, where he claimed that the surveillance was limited to just one field office. It turns out that multiple field offices, including those in Portland and Los Angeles, were involved in identifying traditional Catholics as security threats.

Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Chairman Mike Johnson (R-LA) have jointly written a letter to Director Wray, raising concerns about the FBI’s potentially infringing on Americans’ First Amendment rights and criticizing the initial concealment of this extensive coordination. They called for clarification and demanded an amendment to Director Wray’s previous testimony.

The House Judiciary Committee has been persistently seeking information about a specific document related to the Richmond Field Office since January 2023. However, the FBI has been slow to respond to their requests. After issuing a subpoena and threats of contempt proceedings, the Committee finally received a less redacted version of the document on July 25.

This less redacted document revealed interactions between the Richmond Field Office and the field offices in Portland and Los Angeles, showing that individuals and communities associated with the traditional Catholic movement were under surveillance. This revelation has raised concerns about the intentions and extent of these operations.

The Committee’s letter underlines the necessity of understanding the FBI’s complete assessment of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists and calls for Director Wray to amend his previous testimony. The intention is to ensure accuracy and completeness in light of these new findings.

It is disheartening to see the FBI targeting traditional Catholics and treating them as potential threats. This kind of profiling based on religious beliefs is a clear infringement on Americans’ constitutional rights. It is essential for the FBI to be held accountable and for Director Wray to address these discrepancies. The American people deserve transparency and protection of their constitutional rights from our law enforcement agencies.

Written by Staff Reports

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