Desperate Dems Put Politics Over Justice, Rush to Trial Trump & Undermine His 2024 Run!

With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, Attorney General Merrick Garland is suddenly in a rush to bring former President Donald Trump to trial. In an interview with CNN, Garland agreed with special counsel Jack Smith’s call to accelerate the timeline of the case. It seems like they want to ensure that Trump is tied up in legal proceedings while the election is taking place. Talk about a blatant attempt to undermine the former president’s chances of running again!

Garland emphasized that the prosecutions were brought last year and claimed that the special prosecutor believes a speedy trial is in the public interest. But let’s not forget that these cases were conveniently timed right before a major election. It’s almost like they were trying to create a distraction and discredit Trump. And now, they want to keep the momentum going. It’s a classic political move.

When asked about the Department of Justice’s policy of avoiding cases around elections, Garland evaded the question and left it up to the judicial system. Clearly, he doesn’t want to take responsibility for the political motives behind pushing for a quick trial. But the truth is, they’re scared of Trump. They know he has a strong chance of winning the 2024 election, so they want to tarnish his reputation and tie up his time and resources.

Notably, District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan paused proceedings in Trump’s 2020 election case in December, pending an appeal on the dismissal based on presidential immunity. Trump’s lawyers have accused the prosecutors of trying to harass him and prevent his victory in 2024. And it’s hard not to see their point. Filing thousands of pages of “additional discovery” right before an election sure seems like a desperate attempt to distract and burden the former president.

CNN’s senior legal analyst even admitted that the case may end up in the Supreme Court and acknowledged the lack of precedent on the issue. This further highlights the politically motivated nature of this trial. It’s not about justice; it’s about derailing Trump’s political ambitions. They’re hoping that by dragging this out, they can prevent him from running or at least weaken his chances of winning.

Ultimately, this rush to bring Trump to trial is a thinly veiled attempt to keep him tangled in legal battles as the 2024 election approaches. It’s a disgraceful display of political manipulation and shows just how far some will go to undermine their opponents. But Trump is a fighter, and he won’t let these tactics deter him. Let’s hope that justice prevails and he can continue fighting for the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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