Biden Fumbles Again: Claims Phantom Photoshoot with Absent Congresswoman!

In a recent speech at the Abbott’s Creek Community Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, President Joe Biden once again raised concerns about his mental faculties with his remarks. The speech, which was supposed to focus on “High-Speed Internet Investments,” quickly veered off-topic as Biden began mentioning notable people attending the event, including one person who wasn’t even there but whom he claimed to have just taken a picture with. One can only imagine what his handlers must be thinking when he goes off script. Perhaps it’s best not to know, as it might be reminiscent of some choice words heard during military days.

Biden started the speech by recounting a previous gaffe he had made, almost as if he were trying to turn his tendency for verbal slip-ups into a new personal brand. While it may seem like a cute story, assuming it even happened, it’s not the kind of anecdote that projects strength to America’s adversaries.

Moving on, Biden pandered to the military non-commissioned officers in attendance, which could easily be seen as an attempt to score some easy points with the armed forces. He also took the opportunity to thank Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, praising his “absolute, total integrity.” While Cooper might not have a reputation for corruption like some politicians do, it’s questionable whether Biden would recognize true integrity even if it were right in front of him.

Before delving into the main topic of his speech, Biden had one last person he wanted to mention, Congresswoman Deborah Ross. However, he stumbled through his words and ended up confusing whether she was present or not. This is just another gaffe to add to Biden’s ever-growing collection, which sadly undermines his credibility as a competent leader. While it may provide Republicans with an opportunity to highlight his fallibility and win votes, it’s ultimately detrimental to the country. It signals weakness and invites America’s enemies to exploit it.

Written by Staff Reports

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