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In light of the fact that numerous foreign heads of state have criticised the practises pursued by the Biden administration over the nation's borders in recent days, we are able to add one more significant name to the growing list.

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The border is in disarray, and the United States has already seen over 2.3 million illegal immigrants enter the country just in the first few months of this year. In spite of this, Kamala Harris continues to mislead the American people about the existence of a crisis, despite the fact that other presidents are prepared to step up and speak the truth.

According to Daily Caller. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation conducted from his presidential palace, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei stated that the administration of Vice President Joe Biden had refused to provide Guatemala with the tools necessary to deport illegal migrants who were heading to the United States.

Giammattei disclosed to the DCNF that he had submitted a request to the Biden administration to relocate its deportation planes and buses to Guatemala. These planes and buses would then be used by Guatemala to transport illegal migrants back to their home countries before they reach the United States. He stated that it would save the Biden administration substantial costs associated with such massive migratory surges and that it would enable migrants from far away regions to immediately return home. At this time, Guatemala sends illegal immigrants from countries outside of Central America to Honduras. According to the information that these individuals provided to the DCNF, a group of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan who had previously been deported to Honduras recently made their way back into Guatemala and then travelled to Mexico in a matter of days.

The offer of assistance was turned down by the administration of Vice President Joe Biden.

In addition, President Giammattei had some choice words for Senator Kamala Harris while she was being interviewed. Watch.

While KJP deftly sidesteps issues in an effort to protect Biden from being held accountable for the problem that he refuses to fix by providing assistance to slow the flow of illegal immigrants, KJP's actions are illustrative of KJP's overall strategy.

Reports from the town hall The number of meetings between Border Patrol agents and illegal immigrants in September was revealed in a news dump published by Customs and Border Protection on Friday. The data revealed a record high of 227,000 illegal immigrant encounters. This astounding figure increases the yearly total to an all-time high of almost 2.3 MILLION illegal aliens entering into America just in this single year. On Monday, the Press Secretary of the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, gave a briefing during which she addressed concerns regarding these data. She was unable to give an answer that was satisfactory, as is her customary pattern.


It is depressing and nauseating that it takes officials from other countries to point out what is wrong with the United States, yet the press secretary for Vice President Joe Biden will not offer a straight answer. Despite the fact that the facts are readily available, KJP continues to refuse to answer questions while Kamala Harris continues to lie to the American people about there not being a problem. The issue at the border is quite genuine, and it is just going to get worse from here. The government of Vice President Joe Biden is not taking any action to stem the flow of illegal drugs, criminals, or fentanyl across the border. It is high time that they be called to account for their numerous failures. Impeachment of Vice President Biden is necessary in order to bring a stop to this nightmare of a border situation.

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