Liberal Twitter BLASTS Luke Bryan for THIS Ron DeSantis Appearance…

Renown country music star Luke Bryan was blasted by liberals after he brought up Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during his show in Florida last week. Left leaning Twitter users were unhappy with Bryan bringing his politics onto the stage.

During his show, which was held at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, Bryan told the crowd that he would be raising money for the people of Florida following the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian in September.

According to a concert-goer, DeSantis was met with a loud roar as he walked on stage. The governor is running for reelection in November and is rumored to be a candidate for president in 2024.

The way in which Bryan brought DeSantis out on stage was met with mixed reactions from the audience. Some people praised him for doing the right thing and donating the money to the victims of the hurricane, while others criticized him for doing it just days before the hotly contested mid-term elections.

One user called out the country music star for bringing DeSantis on stage. Another user noted that they would like to see him canceled.

On Saturday, DeSantis thanked Bryan for allowing him to join the party during his performance. He also thanked the “American Idol” judge for letting him be on stage.

People were also highly critical of DeSantis’ policies and actions. One user noted that it was surprising that Bryan would support a “racist” and “misogynistic” governor.

Another user called out the country music star for lifting up the governor, who had allegedly endangered the lives of transgender individuals in Florida.

Despite the criticism, some people praised Bryan for bringing up the governor to the stage. One user noted that it was an amazing gesture by the country music star.

Although Bryan didn’t address the negative reactions that he received on Twitter, he still took to Instagram to share his thoughts about the concert. He wrote that the event in Jacksonville had gotten him “fired up.”

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