DISGUSTING! This Arby’s Manager Caught Urinating in Milkshakes…

DISGUSTING! In Washington State, an employee of fast food restaurant chain, Arby’s, was arrested after he admitted to urinating into a milkshake mix for sexual gratification.

Stephen Sharp, the manager of a local restaurant, was being investigated for the possession and distribution of child pornography. He confessed to the police on May 10.

According to the documents, Sharp was almost certain that he threw the bag away. He also said that if he didn’t throw it away, it would have been served multiple times.

Officers searched Sharp's home and found various videos and photos of child porn, as well as a video of him urinating. He was then charged with multiple counts. Among the charges he faced were multiple counts of possession of child pornography and dealing in child abuse images.

Authorities are now trying to identify the people who consumed milkshakes that were contaminated with urine that were served at an area restaurant near Portland International Airport.

According to law enforcers, none of the restaurant's other employees knew that Sharp was the manager who urinated on the milkshakes. They're also looking through illegal videos to see if there's more evidence.

Written by Staff Reports

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