Undocumented Immigrants Make Texas a Third-World Country

Migrants are forced to sleep on the streets of downtown El Paso since shelters are completely full as a result of the record-high number of unlawful border crossings.

Jorge Ventura of The Daily Caller spoke with Venezuelan migrants who had set up makeshift camps in the streets. Among the migrants are mothers and children as young as ten months old, who are looking for a safe haven. Ventura was informed by the vast majority of the immigrants that they have been waiting for buses to New York for at least four days, and that throughout that time they have been sleeping on the streets.

According to one Venezuelan immigrant, she and her family are making their way to New York because they think that would be where you could most likely work.

Another woman, who is a mother to a child who is currently ten months old, indicated that she, too, had nothing left and that she will be going to New York.

Another immigrant shared that his interactions with Americans have been positive and that they have provided him with resources and essential goods, such as food and clothing. He couldn't hide his excitement at finally arriving in the United States.

The idea that Republican governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida should be investigated for their roles in transporting immigrants to Martha's Vineyard and to the mansion of Vice President Kamala Harris has been bouncing around among Democrats. The Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is asking with the Department of Justice to investigate the decision to move migrants out of Texas, regardless of the fact that Texas is already overcrowded and does not have the resources necessary to deal with the large influx.

However, it seems that Democrats are aware of the challenges that come with accepting immigrants, as the state of Massachusetts called on the National Guard to relocate approximately fifty people from Martha's Vineyard to Joint Base Cape Cod while state officials arranged food and lodging for the migrants.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News.

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