DNC Scrambles to Boot RFK Jr From Ballots to Protect Biden Nomination

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making waves with his independent political campaign, causing Democrats to break a sweat as his double-digit support threatens their grip. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and a pro-Biden super PAC, Clear Choice, are pulling out all the stops to kick Kennedy off the ballot in various states, including battlegrounds like Nevada and North Carolina, as well as traditional Democratic strongholds
DNC spokesperson Matt Corridoni emphasized the importance of these challenges in educating voters about Kennedy and ensuring compliance with election rules. Ramsey Reid, another DNC official, echoed the sentiment, framing the efforts as a necessary review to guarantee adherence to the same rules every other candidate follows.

Kennedy, however, dismisses the objections to his candidacy as frivolous and confidently asserts his track record of winning court cases brought against him. Nevertheless, the DNC, Clear Choice, and Democratic election lawyer Scott Salmon are relentless in their pursuit to block Kennedy, citing laws like the Sore Loser Law in New Jersey, which aims to prevent individuals from running as independents after unsuccessful primary bids.

As Kennedy faces mounting legal hurdles, the Democrat establishment is leaving no stone unturned to keep him off the ballot and maintain their political dominance. It’s a classic case of the old guard pulling out all the stops to thwart an independent disruptor who dares to challenge the status quo.

Written by Staff Reports

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