Mainstream Media Panics as SS Biden Sinks and Rats Abandon Ship

In a hilarious turn of events, the mainstream media is in full panic mode as the SS Biden goes up in flames and the rats start scurrying to safety. Watching them squirm is comical as they can no longer pretend that Biden’s presidency isn’t a complete disaster. The DNC is in a frenzy, realizing there’s no way to spin this dumpster fire in their favor.

Despite the chaos, one person stands firm – Jill Biden. The woman behind the man, Jill, won’t give up her grip on the White House, even if it means dragging Joe down with her sinking ship. She’s the puppet master pulling the strings, and without her approval, Joe is left floundering with a sinking platform and no lifeline in sight.

As the rats continue to abandon the ship, Jill and Joe remain steadfast, holding onto the delusion that everything is just fine. But as the flames grow higher and the water rises, even they can’t ignore the inevitable. It’s a sinking ship, and no amount of denial can change that fact.

So, as the chaos unfolds and the media scrambles to save face, one thing is clear – the SS Biden is going down, and those who bet on this sinking ship are in for a rough ride. Good luck, rats, you’re going to need it.

Written by Staff Reports

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