DNC Scrambles to Fast-Track Biden’s Nomination Amidst Party Fractures

So, in yet another episode of “DNC Plays by Its Own Rules,” the Democratic National Committee is plotting to fast-track President Biden’s nomination before the August convention in a desperate attempt to keep him on Ohio’s ballots and tamp down the whispers of replacing him. It’s almost like the Democrats are scrambling to patch up a sinking ship with duct tape.

As Bloomberg laid it out, the DNC is looking at a mid-July nomination date for Biden, potentially July 21. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill nomination, but a virtual roll call through the convention’s credentials committee. The DNC seems eager to avoid the impending embarrassment of floor protests focused on Biden’s bumbling handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has showcased just how fractured the party really is.

The panic button was pressed following Biden’s catastrophic face-off with Trump. Apparently, one disaster was enough to send the DNC into overdrive, hoping to stifle any talk of an open convention or a replacement candidate. The Democrats’ answer to chaos? More control and less democracy – how predictable.

In a scene reminiscent of Biden’s 2020 basement campaign, where the guy was more hidden than Waldo, his aides and the DNC have resorted to bubble-wrapping the President again. The strategy? Keep him out of sight and away from any unscripted moments that might reveal his shaky grasp on reality. Last week’s debate reaffirmed that going off-script is a recipe for disaster in Biden Land.

However, even if the DNC succeeds in this preemptive nomination, don’t expect the chatter about Biden’s mental and physical decline to vanish overnight. The rigged Democratic primaries effectively squashed any serious intraparty challenge – just ask Marianne Williamson, RFK Jr., or Dean Phillips. But, Biden’s fitness for office remains the elephant in the room. Democrats and their media buddies are even starting to catch on, making it likely that the doubts will persist, regardless of a shiny new nomination.

In all likelihood, Biden will officially become the Democrats’ nominee shortly after Trump’s sentencing in his latest politically motivated trial. Democrats may think they’re putting their best foot forward, but the timing and the methods scream desperation. While Trump stands resilient, Biden’s nomination, rigged or not, serves only to spotlight the Democrats’ endless chaos and questionable tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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