Trump Fights Manhattan Conviction Using Supreme Court Ruling on Presidential Immunity

Former President Donald Trump is fighting back against his recent Manhattan conviction, where he was found guilty on a whopping 34 felony counts. Trump is taking advantage of a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, which affirmed that sitting presidents enjoy immunity for official acts carried out while in office.

Trump’s legal team wasted no time in seeking to set aside the conviction and delay his sentencing, believing that the Supreme Court’s decision has far-reaching implications for the multiple cases looming over the former president’s head. They hope to buy more time and possibly even get the conviction thrown out altogether.

The Manhattan case has been marred by accusations of political bias, with Trump’s lawyers targeting Judge Juan Merchan, who they claim has close ties to Democratic causes and candidates. The request to delay the sentencing, just a few days before the scheduled date, seems like a strategic move to capitalize on the legal chaos surrounding the case.

With the sentencing recommendation from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office on hold, the outcome of this legal maneuver remains uncertain. If Judge Merchan denies the motion, Trump’s legal team may well be gearing up for a fierce appeal post-sentencing, which could potentially drag this saga out even longer, possibly into the Republican National Convention.

The battle to overturn Trump’s conviction is in full swing, showcasing the lengths to which the former president and his legal advisors are willing to go to fight what they believe is a politically motivated attack on his legacy. Only time will tell how this legal saga unfolds in the coming days.

Written by Staff Reports

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