DNC Snubs Carter in Presidency Blooper – Leftists Forget Own Hero!

The Democratic National Committee made a big oopsie with their recent social media post celebrating Presidents Day. The post included President Joe Biden and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, but shockingly left out former President Jimmy Carter. Oh boy, someone’s getting coal in their stocking for that blunder!

Conservative radio host and former presidential candidate Larry Elder couldn’t help but poke fun at the DNC’s slip-up, tweeting “OOPS!” and bringing attention to the omission. Other conservatives, like Jason Rantz, had a good chuckle as well. It’s a good thing the internet never forgets, right?

What makes this blunder even worse is the fact that Carter, at a ripe 99 years old, is the oldest living former president. The DNC really should know better than to leave out a living legend like that! And to add insult to injury, this exclusion comes just a year after Carter entered hospice care. The man is practically a walking history book, and they couldn’t even give him a shoutout on Presidents Day? Shameful!

It’s worth noting that Carter has been through a lot recently, with the passing of his beloved wife, Rosalynn, at the age of 96. Their marriage lasted a whopping 77 years, making it the longest presidential couple marriage in history. You’d think the DNC would want to honor such an incredible love story, but apparently, they had other priorities.


Written by Staff Reports

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