DNC Spends $1.5 Million on Biden Legal Fees Amid Document Probe

The Democratic Party used over $1.5 million from its funds to pay for President Biden’s legal fees last year. This was for the investigation led by special counsel Robert Hur into the president’s handling of classified documents. The payments were made to lawyers and firms representing Mr. Biden, with the lead attorney receiving seven payments of $150,000.

The Biden campaign has often criticized former President Donald Trump for using political funds to cover his legal expenses. The Democratic National Committee has emphasized that it does not spend any money from grassroots donors on legal bills, unlike the Trump camp, which actively seeks legal fees from supporters.

The Trump campaign has not commented on the DNC’s payment for Mr. Biden’s legal fees. The DNC stands by its decision, stating that it does not use grassroots donors’ money for legal expenses, unlike Trump, who has drawn from various bank accounts for his legal costs.

The Biden campaign finance chairman Rufus Gifford emphasized that every dime given to the Biden-Harris reelection campaign is used for engaging with voters and not for legal bills. The DNC has taken a firm stance in contrast to the Trump camp’s approach of soliciting legal fees from supporters.

The DNC’s payment for Mr. Biden’s legal fees has become a point of contention between the two political parties, with each side criticizing the other’s use of funds for legal purposes. The Trump camp has not yet responded to the DNC’s payment for Mr. Biden’s legal expenses.

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