DOJ Ducks Biden Transcript Demand, House Swings Back

The Department of Justice (DOJ) pulled a sneaky move by not handing over President Joe Biden’s interview transcript to the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, as requested. How rude! The committees wanted to get their hands on that juicy transcript and gave the DOJ a deadline, but they totally ghosted them.

The Judiciary committee spokesperson is not happy about this dodgeball move and is ready to play hardball. Everything is on the table, and the suspense is killing them. Meanwhile, the Oversight committee spokesperson is also feeling the burn and is preparing to pounce on the DOJ. Watch out, DOJ, these committees mean business!

Special counsel Robert Hur’s report spilled the tea on Biden’s hush-hush about classified documents. Although no charges were brought against the president, the report did spill some tea on Biden’s memory lapses. In a marathon interview, Biden couldn’t remember when his VP gig started and ended, or even when his son, Beau Biden, passed away. Yikes, talk about memory meltdown!

The report painted Biden as a sympathetic old-timer who can’t quite keep his marbles in line. If he were in front of a jury, he’d play the pity card big time. Cue the tears and hand him a tissue. The White House wasn’t happy with Hur’s report, calling it all sorts of names like “flatly wrong,” “inappropriate,” and “gratuitous.” Someone’s got their feathers ruffled!

Folks are clamoring for those interview transcripts to be released faster than a cat on a hot tin roof. Can you blame them? The more info, the juicier the gossip. Let’s hope the DOJ remembers its manners and hands over the goods soon. Tick-tock, DOJ, tick-tock!

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