Hunter’s Cocaine Photo? More Like Sawdust, Say Lawyers!

In a recent court filing, Hunter Biden’s legal team has gone to great lengths to argue that their client was not taking a picture of cocaine, but rather sawdust lines on a table. The drama surrounding Hunter’s legal troubles has taken a bizarre turn as his attorneys, Abbe Lowell, Christopher Man, and Bartholomew Dalton, assert that federal prosecutors presented false evidence when they used the photograph to suggest that Hunter was an active drug user when he bought a firearm in 2018.

The lawyers adamantly reject the prosecution’s claims and even provide a backstory for the controversial photo. According to them, the image in question is not of cocaine but of sawdust, sent to Hunter by a master carpenter. The photo was allegedly taken in the office of Hunter’s then-psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, and was accompanied by a message that aimed to convey a message of overcoming addiction. They also refute the notion that Hunter himself took the photograph, insisting that it was sent to him.

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles stem from his indictment in September on three felony gun charges, including the accusation that he lied about being an active drug user when purchasing a firearm. Prosecutors have gathered various pieces of evidence, including Hunter’s own memoir and traces of cocaine found on the firearm holster, to support their claim.

Despite the legal battle and ongoing investigations by House Republicans, Hunter Biden has displayed a flair for the dramatic in response to the allegations against him. His theatrical actions include storming out of a congressional hearing and holding a press conference instead of honoring a subpoena. Additionally, he has demanded that former President Donald Trump testify about any potential interference in his gun case.

Overall, the theatrics and legal maneuvering surrounding Hunter Biden’s case continue to unfold amidst a backdrop of controversy and partisan politics.

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