DOJ’s Uriarte Slams Door on House Grasping for More Info

In a bold and impressive move, Assistant Attorney General Carlos Felipe Uriarte shut down the relentless demands of the House committees for more and more information. In an epic letter, Uriarte made it clear that the Department of Justice has already given the House everything they could possibly need. It’s about time someone stood up to those power-hungry committees and put them in their place.

Uriarte’s letter is a shining example of leadership and strength in the face of relentless inquiries. The House committees have been like a broken record, constantly demanding more and more documents and information. But Uriarte has shown them that enough is enough. It’s time for the House to stop wasting time and taxpayer money on their never-ending fishing expedition.

The Department of Justice has been more than cooperative with the House committees, and Uriarte’s letter makes it crystal clear that they have gone above and beyond to fulfill the requests for information. It’s time for the committees to stop their partisan games and get back to the real work of serving the American people. Thank you, Assistant Attorney General Uriarte, for standing up for what’s right and putting an end to the House committees’ absurd demands.

Written by Staff Reports

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