Don Lemon Returns to CNN, REFUSES to Address Controversy

Don Lemon made a return to “CNN This Morning” on Wednesday after taking a few days off due to the controversy stirred up by his comments about GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s age. But, viewers were left disappointed as Lemon failed to address the issue or apologize for his remarks. He did, however, tweet that he was “sorry” to his network, colleagues, and audience and is “committed to doing better.”

Media veteran Megyn Kelly has offered to help Lemon with his reeducation and Nikki Haley has taken advantage of the situation by creating some new campaign merchandise with the slogan “Turning lemons into lemonade”.

It is clear that Don Lemon needs to learn a lesson in respect and decency. It is unacceptable to attack women, especially based on their age. It is also important to remember that words have power and can have a lasting effect on people.

It is time for Don Lemon to take responsibility for his words and actions. He needs to apologize for his remarks and make sure it does not happen again. He should also take Megyn Kelly’s offer of help and use it as an opportunity to learn from his mistakes.

It is important for everyone to be aware of the power of words and to think before speaking. We must all strive to be respectful and understanding of each other, no matter what our differences may be. Don Lemon should take this opportunity to learn from his mistake and become a better person.

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