In March of 2020, Arizona Placed a Large Order for Ballot Stuffing Machines

In 2020, four months before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, a private ballot printer in Arizona ordered the biggest-ever order for ballot-filling machines.

According to an article by the investigative news outlet, Runbeck, the company that provided the election services, had been aware that it would have to handle more ballots than in any previous election in the US.

Although the US had not yet started to adopt a stay-at-home-safe strategy, Runbeck's decision to order the machines was the right one. In 2020, over 65 million absentee ballots were submitted.

In addition to printing the ballots, Runbeck also handled the tabulation process for Maricopa County.

According to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, a forensic auditor, who conducted a comprehensive audit of the election process in Maricopa County, the order for the ballot-filling machines was placed on March 1.

Unlike a forensic audit, which focuses on the ballot itself, Pulitzer focused on the various steps involved in the ballot-filling process. These included the printing, sorting, and folding of the ballots. He also took a look at the election's handling and recording of the results.

After conducting his investigation, Pulitzer was able to conclude that Runbeck used predesigned algorithms to produce ballots that favored Joe Biden. He claimed that these were then injected into the county as the Democrats needed them.

According to Pulitzer, over 91% of the ballots that were predesigned were in favor of Biden.

The results of the investigation also revealed that there was no record of the purchases made by the election printer.

According to Pulitzer, the amount of ballots that Runbeck was able to produce during the election was over four million. He also noted that ballot cracking was a key component of the process.

After Runbeck purchased the ballot-filling machines, the US Postal Service stopped taking pictures of the materials it shipped.

The US Postal Service also stopped taking mail cover pictures. This was done on April 1.

During his investigation, Pulitzer noted that the authorities did not have the necessary evidence to confirm the election's results. He also claimed that the campaign had deliberately turned on the machines after Biden was installed.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Headline USA

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