Dr. Gupta Urges Cognitive Test for Biden After Debate Missteps

Once again, the media’s favorite doctor is back, and this time he’s raised the stakes. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s neurosurgeon-turned-commentator, suggests what a lot of Americans have been thinking: President Joe Biden should take a cognitive test. Gupta’s concerns come after Biden fumbled through his most recent debate performance, leaving even his usual defenders scratching their heads.

According to Gupta, the unanimous chatter among medical professionals points to the necessity of a cognitive evaluation for ol’ Joe. We’re talking about a performance so lackluster that it’s sparked whispers of whether Biden should step down as the Democratic nominee before November hits. And when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked for Gupta’s professional take, he didn’t hold back, noting that the President’s stumbling speech and confused ramblings were more than just an off night.

Now, Gupta wants to calm the fears about Biden’s mental sharpness, even saying that the collection of onstage blunders might warrant a serious look into the President’s cognitive health. Taken individually, Gupta claims these gaffes aren’t necessarily diagnostic, but together, they’re a parade of red flags. It’s a polite but firm way of saying, “Hey folks, the emperor’s new clothes aren’t looking so hot.”

Last week, Gupta decided to put pen to paper, laying out his professional concerns in an op-ed. He pointed out how his brain-specialist buddies have been blowing up his phone, all equally disturbed by Biden’s debate spectacle. When brain doctors from coast to coast share the same reaction, it’s hard to dismiss it as a partisan quibble.

In his writing, Gupta echoes the sentiment that while these warning signs might not necessarily point to a specific diagnosis, they still merit a closer look. And who would argue with that? Wouldn’t it be grand to have some clarity before letting the guy have another shot at the Oval Office?

Gupta’s call for detailed cognitive and movement disorder testing aims to shine a light on the President’s capabilities, or lack thereof. With an election heating up, the demand for transparency is hitting fever pitch. The American people deserve to know what’s really going on, and it seems Dr. Gupta and company are right to insist on getting those answers.

Written by Staff Reports

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