Biden Clings to Support as Democratic Dissent Grows

Joe Biden has once again managed to delay the inevitable disintegration of his support within the Democratic Party, though it’s clear the clock is ticking on his political viability. Despite returning to Capitol Hill amidst a swarm of reporters, Biden managed to evade only one new demand to exit the race, bringing the grand total to six disgruntled Congress members. This narrow reprieve, however, doesn’t mask the ongoing erosion of confidence among his own party members.

While the Democratic leadership tries to maintain a united front, it’s tenuous at best. Top brass like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries may publicly back Biden, but further down the hierarchy, the story is quite different. Schumer’s second-in-command, Majority Whip Dick Durbin, might have expressed nominal confidence in Biden, yet he couldn’t help but concede that the president’s recent debate performance has ushered in a debate on his competence.

Biden’s magic touch seems to be losing its charm among key players. Senator Gary Peters, charged with safeguarding Senate Democrats’ seats, insists there’s no worry about Biden dragging down the ticket. This bravado is hardly echoed by his vice chairwoman, Senator Tina Smith, who refrained from professing unwavering support for Biden. Smith highlighted concerns bubbling from her Minnesota constituents and pointed to a vigorous discussion within the party about the next steps—hardly a vote of confidence.

Compounding the problem, Senate President pro tempore Patty Murray effectively put a ticking clock on Biden’s campaign. She urged Biden to inject vigor into his appearances, subtly hinting that the president needs to step aside to preserve his supposed “incredible legacy.” Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin, fighting a tough re-election battle, didn’t even bother to directly support Biden. Instead, she resorted to a vague endorsement of the “Democratic ticket,” citing a packed schedule to excuse her absence from Biden’s recent event in Madison.

To everyone’s bemusement, Biden struck a defiant pose on Monday, doubling down on his 2024 aspirations through letters and television appearances. He audaciously challenged his doubters within the party to run against him, which momentarily quieted some voices, including the ever-influential Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She declared the debate over, affirming Biden as the chosen one. However, even this temporary tranquility seems like a shaky facade.

Only a solitary, brave soul, Rep. Adam Smith, voiced on live TV what many must be whispering behind closed doors: Biden’s performance was a spectacle of incompetence, and Americans have lost confidence in his ability to serve. Other Democrats in precarious positions, like Sens. Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown, murmured concerns but stopped just short of saying what everyone is thinking—Biden needs to bow out.

Even Sen. Mark Warner, reportedly leading a covert push to rally Senate Democrats against Biden, wouldn’t publicly commit to forcing him out. Instead, Warner couched his stance in calls for a “stronger path forward” and urged Biden to more convincingly make his case to the American people.

The looming exodus of major Democratic donors amid this turmoil underscores the growing sense of urgency. As both the House and Senate Democrats prepare for internal meetings, they appear ready to engage in candid discussions about Biden’s future. Read between the lines, and it’s clear the Democrats are scrambling to avoid a disaster in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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