Election Denier! Crooked Hillary Claims “Right Wing” to Steal 2024 Election.

In a bizarre video that was released by Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and first lady of the US claimed that Republicans have a plan to "steal the election" in 2024.

In the video, she claims that the Supreme Court will soon give states the ability to invalidate the results of presidential elections. This comes after the congressional map of North Carolina was invalidated.

The case she referenced is called Moore v. Harper, and it could allow states to alter the results of elections. According to Clinton, this ruling would allow the presidential election to be decided by legislatures controlled by Republicans.

Donald Trump was able to win with 304 electoral votes in the 2016 presidential election, while Hillary Clinton received over 200. Despite this, the liberal media has criticized the results because Hillary won the popular vote.

Clinton was asked if Trump knew he was an illegitimate president, and she claimed that he did. She also said that there were various reasons why the election results were affected, such as the spread of false stories and voter suppression.

Even though there is no proof of election fraud, Clinton still believes that the results of the presidential election were not conducted properly.

Fearing that the Democrats will lose in 2024, Clinton is trying to scare her base. She sees the writing on the wall, and she wants to create a scenario where the election is stolen instead of facing reality that Americans are sick and tired of liberal politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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