WATCH: Ted Cruz NUKES ‘The View’ Hosts’ Hypocrisy

We adore Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz because he is a walking Constitution (he has memorized most, if not all, of the text) and because he is the type of person who will ask the tough questions and expose the radical left for their hypocrisy. People in this country are getting sick and tired of witnessing their society be torn apart by extreme leftists, and as a result, they are increasingly taking this kind of approach. This is something that we are seeing more and more of.

Cruz recently appeared on the far-left program "The View," where he criticized the hosts for their hypocrisy in accepting Hillary Clinton and Stacy Abrams' claims that their elections were illegal but then labeling former President Donald Trump an insurrectionist and organizing a coup for saying the same thing.

After that, Whoopi Goldberg retorted with, And it was!

The senator from Texas shot back, So it's illegitimate when Republicans win, but not Democrats? price11/status/1584575361685553152

In case you've forgotten, in 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump faced off against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and Clinton ultimately lost, claiming that her loss was due to cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Because of the many years of research that have gone into this matter, we are all aware by this point that there is not the slightest shred of evidence to imply that this was in fact the situation. In point of fact, the situation is just the contrary. We have a ton of material that leads to the Steele Dossier, which Hillary exploited to bring about some type of proof for her accusations of collusion, being a pure fabrication. This is the paper that was utilized.

And then there's Abrams, who, many years ago, when she was defeated by Brian Kemp, refused to accept defeat and confess her defeat. She has asserted, on multiple times, that she did not lose fairly and squarely, but that her opponent used suppressive electoral techniques in order to keep her from clinching a victory, and that this was the reason why she did not win.

It would appear that it is entirely fine for these two to make such statements and even pursue lawsuits based on them; nevertheless, any action that Trump takes that is even remotely similar to this will be criticized as an attempt to topple the existing process. It's funny how the Democratic Party has a different code of conduct for Republicans than they do for Democrats in their own party.

It would appear, as reported by The New York Post, that this was not the only portion of the performance to include pyrotechnics.

During the program that aired on Monday, a group of people protesting climate change interrupted the live taping of the show by shouting over the interview that was being conducted with Cruz and chanting, Cover climate now!

Cruz attempted to simply talk over the chanting, but a woman shouted, F*** you, Ted Cruz! as he was doing so.

Whoopi had reached her limit after hearing this last line.

Ladies, ladies! Excuse us! Goldberg responded to the demonstrators by telling them, Let us do our jobs.  We appreciate your input, but you must depart immediately. Leave, and give us a chance to do ours.

As the conversation turned to the Texas senator, Navarro used the moment to apologize, adding, I've been extremely vocal and critical of you, but I'm sorry that this has occurred in our house.

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