EPIC: Taylor-Greene’s New Bill Declares Antifa Domestic Terrorists

On Monday evening, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Florida, sat down with Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News.

During the weekend, a member of the far-left group known as Antifa was killed in Atlanta. The incident occurred after an altercation with law enforcers.

"An individual noted that the riot was happening due to the establishment of an "autonomous zone" in the city, which was referred to as "#CopCity." The police officer who was shot and killed by the suspect was reportedly interacting with the group when the incident occurred.'

Taylor Greene called for the immediate arrest of members of the far-left group known as Antifa during his appearance on Tucker Carlson's show.

"She stated that Anifa was part of the Democratic Party's ground troops."

She then went on to criticize the US political establishment and the Democratic Party for their inaction regarding the issue of violent far-left groups such as the one in Atlanta. She then announced that she would be introducing a bill that would classify the group as a terrorist organization.

"She then stated that she would be introducing a bill that would classify the group as a terrorist organization. She said that the group should be taken apart and that the government should investigate who it is and how it funds itself."

She also criticized the local authorities for their failure to prevent the targeting of children during drag queen shows.

"During the interview, she referred to the members of the far-left group as fascists. She also noted that they attacked law enforcers and defended drag queen performers who target kids during a storytime event known as Drag Queen Storytime."

Damage was caused by the members of the far left group known as Antifa over the weekend.

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