White House Not Even Denying Cover-up Allegations

The White House started a new week in crisis, with Press Secretary Jean-Pierre refusing to provide any new answers about the mishandling of classified information by President Joe Biden.

In her opening statement, Jean-Pierre insisted that Biden takes seriously the sensitive documents that were found in his house after the Department of Justice raided it.He was reportedly surprised to learn that the documents were found in his office, which was next to his garage, and in various locations in his house in Wilmington.

According to Jean-Pierre, the search for classified materials in Biden's possession was concluded on January 12. Two more sets of documents were then discovered, and the Department of Justice was also conducting a search.

It was noteworthy that Jean-Pierre did not offer any new answers regarding the incident during the briefing.

During a question about the search for additional classified documents on Monday, Jean-Pierre did not provide an answer. She seemed to lack a clue as to what was happening, making it difficult for her to provide definitive statements.

The press secretary's lack of a clear explanation also made it difficult for her to provide any new answers regarding the incident. Biden's insistence on maintaining that he has no regrets about how he handled classified information was met with silence from his spokesperson. Jean-Pierre refused to deny that Biden was involved in a cover-up regarding the mishandling of classified information. It seemed like an easy question to answer if he had not been involved in the cover-up.

Despite Biden's claims about taking seriously the sensitive documents, Jean-Pierre was unable to provide a single example of how he handled these documents in a serious manner. Jean-Pierre also failed to provide an answer when asked who was paying for Biden's private attorney. It was revealed that someone close to Biden was leading the search before the Department of

Justice carried out its investigation. In her refusal to provide any new details about the incident, Jean-Pierre showed the White House’s attitude toward the situation. She refused to say that Americans deserved to know more about the scandal.

The White House did not provide any new assurances that the Department of Justice would not carry out further searches or seizures of classified documents in Biden's possession. Jean-Pierre's refusal to provide any new details about the incident, including whether or not Biden is involved in a cover-up, was more damaging than anything she said.

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