Even Pelosi Admits Biden Is TOO OLD To Be Running In 2024

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic representative from California, recently made some candid remarks about her ally Joe Biden’s re-election ambitions in an interview with the New York Times. Pelosi, who is 82 years old, stated that Biden’s age of 80 is not a “positive thing” for his campaign. She went on to say that there are “other great candidates” who could potentially run for president in 2024. Despite her comments, Pelosi has previously praised Biden for his work in office, citing the money he has put in people’s pockets, the vaccines he has provided, and the children he has sent back to school.

The comments come at a time when Biden is facing a classified document scandal that has put a strain on his re-election campaign and tested the loyalty of his allies. Additionally, Kamala Harris, Biden’s top-rated choice among Democratic primary voters, is even more unpopular than Biden and has been met with doubts about her “basic political skills” and her ability to mount a successful presidential campaign.

Biden himself has acknowledged that his age is a “legitimate” concern and that he could “drop dead tomorrow,” but he has also indicated that he intends to run again. He has asked voters to watch him and judge for themselves if he is slowing down or not. However, Biden has been slipping in the polls behind Donald Trump, who is the only declared 2024 candidate and currently leads Biden by five points in a recent Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.

Pelosi’s remarks about Biden’s age have caused some controversy among Democrats, but it is clear that she still supports Biden’s candidacy. She has praised his work in office and believes that he can still be successful in the upcoming election. It remains to be seen if Biden will be able to overcome the recent scandals and polls to secure the Democratic nomination and win the 2024 election.

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