Evidently, Joe Rogan Was Correct About Ivermectin and COVID.

When COVID was just getting started, Joe Rogan's claims that Ivermectin was the solution the government didn't want to share caused him to be laughed at. People assumed he was making things up when he claimed to have caught COVID and be treated for three days with Z-packs and vitamin drips.

It turned out that this was more than just a story circulating on the internet, but that it truly had substantial skin in the game.

Flávio A. Cadegiani, MD, MSc, and Ph.D. was the researcher who carried out the investigation. Cadegiani is an endocrinologist who holds a master's degree as well as a doctorate in clinical endocrinology. He is board-certified in the field. The research was subjected to blind reviews by other researchers before being posted on the website of the medical journal Cureus. Amazing data can be obtained by using a big sample size.

The investigation was carried out in the Brazilian city of Itajai, and the survey included 88,012 different participants. Ivermectin was given to COVID patients either as part of their treatment or as a prophylactic, and during the course of the study, the researchers saw a reduction in the chance of mortality from COVID patients of 92%. In addition, as compared to those who used the substance in an infrequent manner, they saw an 84% reduction in their risk.

The study found that regular users were lowered by 100% in hospitalization rate compared to irregular users and non-users.

In this study, regular users were already at a higher risk of death than irregular and non-users because they were older and had a higher prevalence of type-2 diabetes and hypertension. Those people who just used it occasionally had a 37% lower risk of developing cancer compared to people who never used it. According to the findings of this investigation, a regular user was defined as anybody who consumed more than 30 pills within a span of five months.

However, the majority of the population utilized between two and three tablets every day for two days, every 15 days…

When compared to the consistent use of ivermectin, a non-use of ivermectin was found to be connected with a 12.5-fold rise in the death rate as well as a seven-fold increased chance of dying from COVID-19. The preventive effects of ivermectin against COVID-19 are strengthened as a result of the dose-response efficacy seen here.

These kinds of outcomes are nothing short of astonishing. The so-called "dose-response effect" may be thoroughly described and demonstrated here, as Cadegiani argues. Through his writings on Twitter, he provided evidence to support his argument and displayed it for all of the internet to see. An observational study of the same scale and level of analysis as ours could not possibly be carried out as a randomized clinical trial because it is not possible to attain the necessary statistical power. It might be challenging to disprove a conclusion. It doesn't matter what your opinions are; data is data.

Naturally, people on the left will get in line to make some sort of assertion that contradicts the findings of this study. It doesn't work with their notion that people should get vaccinated first, and it doesn't accomplish their goal of pushing more big pharma products down people's throats. Instead, it demonstrates the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine and lends support to the notion that individuals should be responsible for their own health care decisions, which is something that so many people on the right and the hippies did.

The participants in this study were not the greatest possible prospects for the kind of research that was being done. They were among those with the lowest likelihood of survival after contracting COVID, if anything. The fact that Ivermectin saved their lives and allowed them to recover demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that it may aid a healthy person like Joe Rogan in his own healing process.

The irony here is that the very folks who were insisting that people should have faith in the jab in the face of such evidence now stand exposed as being absolutely wrong. The nudge might have been regarded as a minor adjustment to the established scientific consensus, but in comparison to the established scientific consensus, the minor adjustment was a farce.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American People Daily.

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