Ukraine Launches Powerful Counterattack While Russians Are Distracted in the South

The international community has a worse impression of the Russian military commanders the longer the situation in Ukraine drags on. This once-great superpower is currently in the process of being destroyed by the military of Ukraine, farmers, and actor-comedian turned President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine. During his regular evening radio speech on September 7th, it was Zelenskyy who broke the news to his fellow Ukrainians as well as the rest of the world about their most recent victory over the Russians.

Declaring we have good news from the Kharkiv region before declaring the successful recovery of multiple settlements while avoiding directly mentioning them in the announcement. It is not appropriate to name the cities or villages in where the Ukrainian flag is being raised at this time… The general situation throughout the entire front improves for Ukraine with each victory achieved by our armed forces, regardless of which direction they are achieving those victories in.

After that, he went into great detail with his people regarding the significance of this new development. The more difficult it is for the invaders, and the more losses they have, the better the positions of our defenders in Donbas will be; the more reliable the defense of Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv, and the cities of the Dnipropetrovsk region will be; and the sooner we will be able to free [the] Azov coastline and the entire south."

While Putin presents the image of being prepared for combat, the Russians are making an effort to adapt to this counteroffensive but are failing to do so successfully. Pro-Russian bloggers like Danil Bezsonov have had their hands full trying to find any hint that the Russians are making inroads. The primary high points that have occurred as of late include the seizure of certain equipment in Kharkiv and a combat in Balakliya, which is taking place in an area where the Russians are facing fierce opposition.

These most recent turns of events have occurred as a direct result of two significant elements. Because of President Biden's ongoing donations of money and arms, the Ukrainian armed forces are able to maintain a healthy stockpile and make use of weapons that are vastly more advanced than the Soviet relics they began with. The Russians, despite their best efforts, are unable to make any significant headway in this combat, which has escalated to an extremely intense level.

The other aspect is that the Russian concentration in the south has pushed them to embark on a resupply trip. This mission was imposed upon them as a result of the Russian focus in the south. This indicates that the northern provinces, particularly the region around Kharkiv, are only marginally protected by Russian forces, which opens the door for the Ukrainians to make their way into those areas.

If the Ukraine is able to accomplish this level of achievement, they will be in a position to do what was once thought to be impossible: totally liberate their country from the control of the Russians. The Russian military have had an absolutely harrowing experience throughout this fight. Their plans of entering and leaving the country rapidly grossly misjudged the determination of the Ukrainian people.

The constant reporting by military bloggers and writers on how brutally the Russians are being beaten has a further depressing effect on the Russian military as a whole. The more they hear about other units being destroyed, captured, and forced to flee the city, the lower their morale sinks. As a result, it does not infuriate them, which would motivate them to fight more vigorously to advance the line; rather, it causes them to feel ashamed of their fellow soldiers, which kills their will to fight.

Even the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense has been contributing to these allegations, stating on the seventh that during the last 24 hours, severe fighting has taken place on three fronts: in the north, near Kharkiv; in the east in the Donbas; and in the south in Kherson Oblast. Russia's intended main endeavor is undoubtedly an advance on Bakhmut in the Donbas; however, commanders confront a dilemma regarding whether or not to deploy operational reserves to support this offensive, or to defend against ongoing Ukrainian advances in the south.

It would be an understatement to say that the Russians have no way to redeem themselves at this point. They have been taken completely by surprise by the counterattacks and moves carried out by the Ukrainians, and as a result, they are currently placed between a rock and a hard place. It would be a disgrace for them to withdraw from Ukraine and surrender back the sections of the country that they have already stolen or tried to take. Continued resistance will only result in more soldiers being ground up in the grinder. If they use nuclear weapons, it will very immediately turn into World War III. They do not have a viable way out at this point.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American People Daily.

Written by Staff Reports

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