Ex-Clinton Lawyer Mysteriously Dies From ‘Plane Turbulence’

Last week, a plane owned by Conexon encountered severe turbulence over New England resulting in the death of Dana J. Hyde, a prominent Washington lawyer who had served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations. Hyde was identified as one of the passengers on board the plane. Her husband, Jonathan Chambers, who is a partner at Conexon, and their son were also on the flight but were unharmed. This was a tragic event for the Clinton administration.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the former Clinton staffer are currently being investigated by the FBI. However, the cause of Dana J. Hyde's death remains unknown. Despite turbulence being a potential cause of injury to passengers during air travel, deaths resulting from turbulence are highly uncommon due to significant improvements in airline safety. Robert Sumwalt, a former NTSB chair and the executive director of the Center for Aviation and Aerospace Safety at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, remarked that he cannot recall the most recent fatality caused by turbulence.

The news of Dana J. Hyde's death has left the Clinton administration and all those who knew her in mourning. The fact that the FBI is now investigating her death is a cause for concern, as it could indicate further questionable actions by the Clinton administration. While it is possible that Hyde's death was not related to the plane turbulence and instead due to something more nefarious, it is crucial for the FBI to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that justice is given and that there is no attempt to conceal the truth behind Hyde's passing.

Over the years, the Clinton administration has been beset by a series of scandals. It would be regrettable if Dana J. Hyde's death were to be counted among them. It is crucial that the public be made aware of the actual events surrounding Hyde's death and that justice be delivered. The people has the right to know the circumstances leading to Hyde's passing and the reasons behind it.

The removal of the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder by NTSB investigators for their investigation is also troubling. This could imply the possibility of foul play in Dana J. Hyde's death. It is essential for the public to be informed of the actual events that led to her demise and for justice to be served.

The passing of Dana J. Hyde is a sorrowful event for everyone who had a connection with her, and it is crucial that her death is not disregarded or concealed. The FBI must carry out a comprehensive investigation into her death, and justice must be served. The people has the right to understand the details surrounding Hyde's passing and the reasons behind it. It is also critical that the Clinton administration is held responsible for any dubious activities or wrongdoing that might have contributed to her demise.

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