Ray Epps Lied Under Oath? J6 Footage Reveals Shocking Truth

The recent release of surveillance footage featuring Ray Epps, a prominent figure linked to the Capitol building siege on January 6th, has shed new light on the Democrats' investigation into the incident. Tucker Carlson presented the footage on his show, alleging that it discredits the Democrats' portrayal of events and suggests that their inquiry was a mere spectacle for public consumption rather than a genuine attempt to uncover the truth.

Ray Epps can be seen in video footage from the Capitol building both before and during the January 6th incident actively encouraging protesters to launch an assault on the premises. Curiously, despite this evidence, Epps was initially listed as #16 on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list before being removed without explanation. Despite not facing any charges, Epps was called to testify before the J6 committee, despite his questionable behavior leading up to the attack on the Capitol being well documented.

Transcripts of Ray Epps' interviews with the FBI reveal that he predicted the occurrence of a bomb explosion in the vicinity of the Capitol building. Despite confessing to facilitating the transportation of people to the site, Democrats in Congress have curiously portrayed Epps as an ally rather than a participant in the insurrection. However, newly obtained surveillance footage by Tucker Carlson appears to contradict Epps' sworn testimony to the January 6th committee, indicating that he remained at the Capitol for at least thirty more minutes.

The purpose of Ray Epps' presence at the Capitol building remains unknown. Nevertheless, it is evident that he provided false information to investigators. It is likely that the January 6th committee was aware of this fact, as they had access to the same footage that revealed Epps' behavior. Despite this, Democrats chose to defend Epps, a move that would be considered unsuitable for an impartial investigation. It appears that the goal of the January 6th committee was not to carry out a genuine inquiry, but rather to serve another purpose.

The videos in question provide compelling evidence that Ray Epps may have provided false information to the FBI. The footage shows Epps actively urging election protesters to engage in seditious activities against the government of the United States, including entering the Capitol building. He also appears to have coordinated with the individual who initiated the first violent act on the Capitol building grounds. Given his central role in the events of January 6th, Epps was a prominent figure in the J6 investigation.

In a stark contrast to his lack of charges, Ray Epps was invited to provide testimony as a guest witness for the House Democrats' Jan. 6 committee, which was widely considered to be politically biased. This move further reinforces the belief that Democrats are prioritizing their political interests over ensuring justice and safeguarding American citizens from individuals such as Epps, who played a role in the insurrection. It is disgraceful that the Democrats are enabling Epps to evade accountability for his actions. Their retention of power in the wake of such an overt effort to conceal their own deceit and malfeasance demonstrates their hypocrisy.

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