Experts: Harris could single-handedly kill Biden’s 2024 chances

Fox News has just released an explosive report shattering the illusions of the Biden-Harris administration – the vice president might just be “the most consequential vice president in modern history,” but for all the wrong reasons. Several strategists and politicians have expressed their unanimous consensus that Kamala Harris’s vice presidency could single-handedly decide the fate of the 2024 presidential election – a devastating reality for President Biden and his fellow Democrats.

One of the biggest issues that the Biden-Harris ticket is facing is Harris’s likability with the American public. Kamala Harris is not a popular figure, with an average favorability rating of 41%. In fact, Harris has failed in gaining popularity during her time as vice president, and if anything, her lackluster performance has made matters worse. This is problematic because if anything happens to Biden, who is already facing concerns about his old age and mental capacity to lead the country, Harris will have to take over.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, Harris is not up for the task. Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe questions if anyone wants Harris to step up as the next president. Harris is personally unlikable and inarticulate, dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary before Iowa, and even her own party did not want her. Conservative columnist Kristin Tate sums it up by calling Harris “one of the most unlikable and uninspiring public figures in modern political history.”

As the 2024 presidential election looms in the distance, Americans are faced with the devastating reality that the Biden-Harris ticket might not be the ideal option. The incompetence and unpopular reputation of Harris might just be the deciding factor, driving voters away from voting for the Democratic Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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