Exposed: Russia’s Secret Recruiting Rampage in Cuba Unveiled by Hacked Docs!

Details of the Russian military's recruitment efforts in Cuba were revealed in hacked documents, which according to authorities, came from a human trafficking ring that operated in the country. According to the Cuban government, it has uncovered a network that forced Cubans to join the military under the command of Russia in Ukraine. The documents published by the news outlet The Intercept revealed the details of the situation.

Cyber Resistance, a pro-Ukrainian organization, claimed to have obtained over a hundred passports that belonged to men who joined the military. They also discovered that Russia was training Cubans at a facility in Moscow. The enlistment contracts, which included a monthly payment and benefits for the Cubans, were signed by men who joined the military.

This news comes amid tensions between Ukraine, Cuba, and Russia. Russia claimed that Ukraine launched a drone attack on a training facility for Cuban recruits. According to the hacked documents, Cuban nationals entered Russia through Belarus, which is an ally of the Kremlin.

Cuba denies being involved in the conflict in Ukraine. It also claims that it does not recruit Cubans to use weapons against other nations. Nonetheless, the hacked documents and social media posts by the individuals in Cuba show a different story.

It is troubling to see that Russia is recruiting individuals from Cuba to join its military forces in Ukraine. This activity highlights the country's aggressive tactics and raises questions about the relationship between Cuba and Russia. The US government must keep a close eye on these developments to safeguard its national security interests.

Neil McCabe, the author of the article, is a media consultant and journalist based in Washington. His knowledge and experience can provide valuable insight into the report's findings.

Written by Staff Reports

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