FAIL: Kamala Has NO Answer To Who Will Pay Student Loan Debt

The Vice President, Kamala Harris, has been unable to provide a satisfactory explanation of how the United States Government intends to pay for the planned Student Debt Forgiveness proposal.

On Monday, during a very unusual appearance in public, Harris was questioned about who will pay the costs associated with the planned scheme.

The Vice President of the United States attempted to sidestep the issue in her response. She went on to attack the tax cuts that had been approved in 2017 under Donald Trump's administration.

Harris' only response was that many  of the same folks who are condemning what they 'rightfully' did in following through on a pledge they made to cancel student loan debt, include the same individuals who opted for cutting taxes for the richest Americans.

In subsequent analyses conducted by Congress, it was shown that, contrary to Harris's assertions, Trump's proposal was determined to assist the middle class rather than the wealthiest Americans. It is not apparent how President Biden's initiatives will be funded at this time.

Written by Staff Reports

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