Failed Bill Would Have Banned Drag Shows From Schools

The South Dakota legislature rejected a bill on Tuesday that aimed to limit drag shows by prohibiting state institutions and public schools from supporting or financing what it referred to as “lewd or lascivious content.” Although the legislation was approved by the state House with a 60-10 vote in January, the Senate Education Committee voted 4-3 against House Bill 1116.

The bill was proposed in response to a “kid-friendly” drag show hosted by the Gender and Sexualities Alliance, an LGBTQ organization that advocates for educational justice at South Dakota State University in 2022. Attendees were encouraged to tip the performers with $1 and $5 bills.

Critics of the legislation claimed that it was imprecise and excessive, and that it would entail “expanding state bureaucracy into content moderation.” They also questioned if the bill would cover performances by university dance teams and events like “powderpuff football” games, where male students dress up as female cheerleaders. Republican State Senator Tim Reed commented that people often appreciate intellectual diversity until it contradicts their views, and he feared that was the case with this bill.

It is disheartening that the South Dakota legislature did not approve a bill that aimed to restrict drag shows by preventing state institutions and public schools from financing or organizing what it considers to be “lewd or lascivious content.” This legislation was proposed in reaction to a “kid-friendly” drag show held at South Dakota State University in 2022 and sponsored by the Gender and Sexualities Alliance, an LGBTQ group.

The legislation aimed to bar public schools from financing any event that portrayed sexual activity and indecent content. Additionally, it would have authorized the state Board of Technical Education and state Board of Regents to forbid minors from participating in any such performance or event. Regrettably, opponents of the bill asserted that it was too ambiguous and excessive and would entail “expanding state bureaucracy into content moderation.”

It’s concerning that South Dakota State University would host such an event for minors, especially one that encourages attendees to bring $1 and $5 bills to tip the performers. This is not an appropriate activity for children and it’s irresponsible for the university to be sponsoring it. We should be protecting our children from this type of content, not encouraging it.

It is regrettable that the bill was not passed by the South Dakota legislature. It is crucial that we safeguard our children from inappropriate content and events, such as the drag show in question. Instead of endorsing activities unsuitable for their age, we must instill our children with principles of morality, respect, and decency. It is imperative that we unite against such behavior and ensure the protection of our children.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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