Far-Left Groups Obstruct Investigation into Biden’s Foreign Deals

According to sources at Fox News, far-left groups have been accused of breaking several laws in their efforts to suppress the investigation into the alleged business dealings of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. In particular, the Congressional Integrity Project and Facts First USA have both promised “maximum pushback” against Republican lawmakers who want to investigate Biden’s possible involvement in courting overseas companies.

The allegations come amid ongoing concerns that the President may have been aware of, or even sanctioned, efforts by his son and other family members to exploit access to America’s halls of power to boost their business interests. The allegations have been seized upon by Republicans, who are keen to expose possible corruption at the heart of the Biden administration and hold the President accountable for his actions.

However, the actions of the far-left groups have caused concern among conservatives, who fear that they could be breaking several laws related to obstruction of Congress and witness intimidation. Indeed, America Legal First has already warned the House Sergeant at Arms that any protestors taking part in the groups’ efforts could face charges of obstructing Congressional hearings, harassing members of Congress, and intimidating witnesses and whistleblowers.

The Director of the conservative group Reed D. Rubinstein drew attention to the powers of the Sergeant at Arms, stating that “as Sergeant of Arms, you have the power to make arrests and enforce the laws of the United States within the geographical area containing all House members, their staff, and committee hearing rooms.” Rubinstein went on to caution that “intimidation of congressional witnesses or whistleblowers, obstructing official congressional investigations, or otherwise interfering with constitutional obligations and rights are all crimes within your purview.”

Conservatives have been quick to draw comparisons with previous tactics used by far-left activists during events such as the 2018 Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Throughout the hearings, protestors attempted to disrupt proceedings by banging on the doors of the Supreme Court and shouting and raising signs in the hearing room.

The stakes are high for those involved, as federal criminal laws are clear on the consequences for anyone who seeks to obstruct congressional oversight hearings. Terms of imprisonment between five and eight years have been previously handed out to those who have similarly disrupted official proceedings, with over 1,000 individuals being charged under these laws for their roles in the January 6, 2021 riots.

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