Trump Dominates GOP Primaries, Widens Lead Over DeSantis by 30 Points

Former President Donald Trump is sailing to victory with flying colors in the Republican primaries, according to the latest poll by Fox News. The poll showed Trump widening the gap between himself and his closest competitor, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by a whopping 30 points. Trump has gained 11 points in the poll since February, while DeSantis has lost 4 points.

Trump’s popularity with women voters has also skyrocketed since February, with his lead growing from 17 points to 27 points. He’s also gaining popularity with voters from the suburbs, considered a potential weakness in his primary hopes. His lead has expanded from a mere 2 points to a solid 18 points. Furthermore, Trump’s grip over the working-class white voters has strengthened, leading by 43 points in contrast to his 28-point lead earlier.

These latest results only confirm what recent polls have been indicating for some time- that Trump is building considerable momentum in the primaries. A Harvard-Harris poll from March 22 – 23 showed Trump with a commanding 26-point lead over DeSantis. In addition, in a recent Quinnipiac poll, Trump led DeSantis by a staggering 14 points.

The poll’s overwhelmingly positive news for Trump reveals that the American public is eager for a leader like him to return to power. His followers are ecstatic at the prospect of Trump mounting a comeback, and it’s clear that the Republican Party needs him to rescue them from the current administration’s left-leaning policies. Such polls are indicative of how high Trump’s stock is with the voters presently, and how it can remain so in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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