Fauci Defends Biden’s Mental Fitness Amid Mounting Concerns About President’s Age

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who admitted to fabricating the six-foot social distancing rule during COVID-19, has now taken on the role of Biden’s unofficial spin doctor. In a recent interview with CBS’s Major Garrett, Fauci brushed aside any concerns about President Joe Biden’s deteriorating age, effectively dodging the elephant—or rather, the donkey—in the room.

Garrett brought up the first presidential debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump, asking Fauci if he noticed anything alarming. Fauci hedged, stating it would be inappropriate to make judgments based on a single observation. He conveniently ignored the long string of gaffes, blank stares, and incoherent mumblings that littered Biden’s debate performance.

Biden’s performance wasn’t just a “bad night,” as Fauci generously concluded—it was a glowing neon sign flashing urgent care required. Yet, Fauci’s narrative casts Biden’s repeated public humiliations, from tripping on stairs to falling on stage, as isolated events devoid of any larger pattern.

Fauci’s excuses reached comedic levels when he suggested the possibility of a bad cold or grogginess from antihistamines as the underlying reasons for Biden’s lackluster showing. He argued diagnosing the 81-year-old president from a 90-minute clip was unfair, blissfully ignoring the myriad of other instances where Biden has shown similar signs of mental fog. 


In an astounding leap, Fauci claimed Biden is reflective and analytical, adding that his personal interactions with the president have been very positive. According to Fauci, there’s no doubt about Biden’s mental sharpness, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Earlier this week, he deftly sidestepped commenting on Biden’s debate performance, fearing his honest opinion might have political repercussions.

Clearly, when it comes to shielding Biden from scrutiny, Fauci is more than willing to put on his political hazmat suit. The irony that the “expert” who misled the public on pandemic policies is now waxing lyrical about Biden’s mental fitness is just too rich to ignore.

Written by Staff Reports

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