FBI’s MLK Tweet Backfires Big Time, Biden Caught Lying Too!

The FBI is getting quite the community note for the audacity of their MLK tweet. And let’s just say, they deserve it! These guys really have some nerve trying to act like they’ve always honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Yeah, right!

You see, the FBI has a long history of not only surveilling King but also trying to discredit him and even manipulate him. They didn’t exactly treat him like a hero. In fact, they sent him a disgusting letter telling him he had “34 days” left and that there was “only one way out for you.” Can you believe that? They wanted him gone before he could accept his Nobel Peace Prize. Talk about pure evil!

But now, they have the audacity to tweet about honoring King’s legacy of fairness and equal justice for all? It’s like they’re living in a fantasyland. The Community Note rightfully shredded them for their tweet, and they deserve every bit of it.

It’s not just about their treatment of King either. The issues with the FBI continue to this day. The politicization of intelligence and government agencies should be a major concern for all Americans. We can’t trust these institutions when they’re being influenced by political motives.

And let’s not forget about Joe Biden’s MLK tweet as well. The man can’t seem to stop lying. He claimed he handpicked a bust of MLK for the Oval Office, when in reality, it was brought in by Barack Obama. It’s just another example of Biden making up things to pander to people and boost his own image. Typical politician behavior.

So, the FBI and Biden both get the award for “worst MLK” tweet. It’s just another reminder that we can’t trust these politicians and government agencies to have our best interests at heart. We need to hold them accountable and demand transparency.

Written by Staff Reports

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