First Democratic Senator Questions Biden’s 2024 Run Amid Age Concerns

Well, folks, it looks like the cracks in the Democratic Party are starting to show. Vermont Senator Peter Welch has officially become the first Democratic senator to suggest that President Joe Biden should sit this one out, raising the perennial issue of Biden’s age and capacity. Welch penned an op-ed in the Washington Post, essentially saying that folks nationwide are worried about Biden’s ability to perform, especially after that unforgettable trainwreck of a debate.

Welch isn’t mincing words in a desperate Democratic attempt to salvage the November election. Even he can’t ignore Biden’s cringe-worthy moments on stage or dismiss the perfectly valid concerns everyone’s been murmuring about. The senator acknowledges Biden wants another go at saving America from a second Trump term but candidly questions whether Biden is the right guy for the job this time around.

Welch goes on to say that his feelings are echoed by the good people of Vermont, who may have loved Biden once but are now sweating bullets at the mere thought of another Trump presidency. It’s the perennial Washington two-step: praise Biden for a past triumph while subtly hinting that it’s time to pass the torch.

Interestingly, Welch isn’t a lone wolf in this Dem drama. He’s joining a growing chorus of House Democrats and even some Senators who are becoming increasingly jittery about Biden’s chances. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, ever the political chameleon, is reportedly open to a Democratic ticket without Biden if it helps keep Trump at bay. And let’s not forget Senators Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown, who didn’t hide their worries about Biden’s electability during a recent caucus meeting.

Even Chris Coons, one of Biden’s key allies, admits that the Senate Democratic Leader is very much aware of the red-state Democrats’ anxieties. While Schumer tries to play the part of a unified front man publicly, there are whispers that he’s all ears to the concerns raised by Welch and his ilk. The pressure is mounting as Democratic senators prepare for a special caucus lunch where Biden’s senior advisors will undoubtedly be trying to put out these internal infernos.

So, as Biden gears up for a news conference at the NATO summit, you can bet all eyes—and a lot of anxious Democrat looks—will be on him. Will he prove he has the energy and mental sharpness to go toe-to-toe with Trump? Or will this be just another gaffe in a growing list of missteps?

Grab the popcorn, folks. This Democratic saga is just warming up, and it looks like Biden might need more than a miracle to keep his party united and his candidacy viable.

Written by Staff Reports

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