Liberal Media’s Desperate Smear Tactics Backfire as Vance’s VP Odds Soar

As President Joe Biden’s health continues to decline, the Democratic Party is facing a barrage of setbacks, forcing liberal media to scramble for ways to tarnish former President Donald Trump’s reputation in hopes of derailing his 2024 presidential bid. Their latest desperate move? Trying to twist Sen. J.D. Vance’s words to create a scandal where there simply isn’t one.

Case in point, Mediaite recently dredged up an old MSNBC interview with Vance and warped its content to make it appear as though he believed one of Trump’s sexual assault accusers. The headline screamed that Vance, the “Hillbilly Elegy” author, had sided against Trump— a convenient narrative given Vance’s reported status as a top contender for Trump’s vice-presidential pick in the upcoming election. 

The accusation, however, falls apart under scrutiny. The “smoking gun” interview, dated October 12, 2016, from MSNBC’s “Hardball,” is publicly available on their website, hardly “unearthed” as Mediaite wants everyone to believe. In the segment, host Chris Matthews asked Vance for his thoughts after playing a clip of accuser Jessica Leeds. Vance’s response, far from definitive, highlighted the classic he-said/she-said nature of the accusations and included a sarcastic remark about Trump’s honesty, indicating his skepticism rather than outright belief.

Predictably, Mediaite’s attempt at character assassination hasn’t blunted Vance’s political rise. His odds of becoming Trump’s VP have surged, with betting markets like Poly Market showing a 300 percent increase, placing him as a frontrunner with a 31 percent probability of joining Trump’s campaign trail.

Despite the media’s flailing attempts, Vance remains unfazed. Addressing the VP rumors in an NBC News interview, he suggested that while the media might be overplaying his prospects, his focus remains firmly on getting Trump re-elected. Vance emphasized that Trump has a plethora of excellent choices for VP, downplaying his own candidacy while staying on message for Trump’s campaign. 


In the end, liberal media’s transparent efforts to sow discord within Trump’s potential campaign team reveal more about their desperation than about Vance’s reliability. The Democratic Party and their media allies might want to focus more on their own crumbling foundation than on manufacturing dirt against a formidable opponent like Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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