Former CA Mayor Pleads To SHOCKING Charges

Former Democratic mayor of California, Robert Jacob, 45, has pled not guilty to six charges of child sex offenses. The plea agreement was negotiated earlier this month, with jury trials set for this Friday. The 16-year-old victim testified that he met Jacob on the Grindr dating app. The minor said that Jacob knew he was underage and repeatedly touched him sexually, invited unknown men to have sex with him, and sent him nude photographs.

Jacob pled no contest to counts including contacting the victim with the purpose to commit a specific offense, organizing to meet the victim for lewd and lascivious actions, and performing acts of sexual abuse against a victim under the age of 15. In accordance with Jacob’s plea agreement, five further felonies were dropped. The sexual assaults were reported to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office by child protective services in 2021. On April 10, 2021, he was detained by Sebastopol police.

In recent years, Jacob’s cannabis company merged with a dispensary named SPARC, furthering his career in the industry. Erich Pearson, the founder and CEO of SPARC, said in a statement that Jacob had not been “affiliated or associated" with SPARC for some years. He called the claims “horrible and unconscionable” and offered his support to the victim and their family.

Jacob was elected mayor of Sebastopol in 2013 after serving on the city council in 2012. His plea deal comes as a shock to many in the community who had known him as an upstanding public figure. His actions are a reminder of the importance of holding those in positions of power accountable for their actions, especially when it comes to crimes against minors.

The plea deal reached by Jacob is a reminder of the prevalence of child sex crimes and the need for justice for victims. It is also a reminder of the importance of reporting any suspicious behavior or activity to the authorities. It is only through reporting these crimes that justice can be served and victims can receive the support they need to heal.

The case of Robert Jacob serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance when it comes to protecting minors from sexual predators. It is also a reminder of the need for accountability from those in positions of power who are entrusted with protecting our communities.

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