Former President Obama and President Biden Share Their Opinions on Pete Buttigieg

A recently published book reveals that former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden did not hold Pete Buttigieg in particularly high regard during the campaign for the 2020 presidential election.

Buttigieg leapt into contention behind Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, depending on fawning media coverage and a mostly fictitious narrative to propel him forward in the race. The narrative put up by Democrats is that Buttigieg was the most successful mayor in the history of the city and was essentially a Navy SEAL. The truth revealed a far different picture, including the fact that he was unable to even fix the city's potholes despite being mayor of a violent and corrupt city.

How did President Obama and Vice President Biden feel about Mayor Pete Buttigieg as he soaked up so much political oxygen? A book titled "The Long Alliance," which is about the relationship between the previous president and the present president, claims that Obama had the opinion that Buttigieg was too short.

Obama merely questioned that it would all add up to feasibility in a presidential campaign where appearance and fame mattered enormously—he felt Buttigieg was too short and, as a previous volunteer for Obama in 2008, just seems too young—and where such a wide field would make breaking through that much harder.

Perhaps Obama has a point, considering that Jimmy Carter was the last president to be under six feet in height. However, it does seem like a rather insignificant complaint, doesn't it? And really, given the choice between someone short and someone as elderly and cognitively impaired as Joe Biden, who would you choose? Obama's views on this matter are hardly unexpected. Press and other forms of media continue to bow down at his feet since he was the first president to become a true celebrity.

To be fair, Obama's criticisms did not end with the height difference. He was also not a fan of Buttigieg's inability to win over non-white voters, a factor that eventually prevented the former mayor of Indiana from having any meaningful shot in the primary. Even while Buttigieg is considering making another bid for the presidency, there is no evidence that the political flaw has been rectified.

Biden's criticisms, on the other hand, were rather… more direct.

The "gay Obama" act was also impressive to Biden, but he also think everyone was kidding themselves about Buttigieg's chances of becoming president. How could this man, who had been soundly defeated in the 2017 primary for DNC chair, possibly become the party's nominee for president? Debenedetti writes on Biden's thoughts throughout that period of time. The former vice president was especially irritated when a number of people who had worked for Barack Obama and were leaving his administration began to support Pete Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke, two candidates who had virtually no chance of winning. You trust this horse manure?  Biden would frequently share his feelings with his aides and acquaintances.

We already knew everything that was shown in that snippet. To wit, that Joe Biden is a pitiful, thin-skinned idiot who has delusions of grandeur and thinks he's better than he actually is. I'm not a Buttigieg fan. In point of fact, the opposite is true, and I sincerely hope he is never even close to setting foot in the White House. But Joe Biden is nothing more than a failed professional politician who possesses no traits that might ever redeem him. Even his "ole Joe" persona is completely fabricated and staged. To tell you the truth, Obama did not want Biden to be the nominee in 2020.

Regardless, when viewed in the context of the wider picture, these alliances simply cannot endure. Buttigieg eventually became transportation secretary, a position in which he has presided over repeated supply chain difficulties. This is the case even when he is not on indefinite paternity leave. Buttigieg is unquestionably seen as a danger by Biden, who is part of the Obama elite that dominates the party, and there is no way that they would ever want him to be the future. It's going to be interesting to see how these connections progress once the midterms are finished. The level of tension will undoubtedly increase.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState.

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